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 about me.

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I'm AVERY-Jake.

My pronouns are he/him.

Web Designer

Logo Creator

Customer obsessed

Writing About Me sections - something I ask of every client. They are not easy! We tend to struggle to talk about ourselves in such a positive light! But there is a person behind every small business and our customers love to know who we are and what we are about. No person or business is perfect, but the strength of character, our passions and what we stand for are crucially important to our customers. So without further ado… 

I’m Avery-Jake and my pronouns are he/him, I’m a Web Designer and customer obsessed. What I mean by that is, I set myself high standards when it comes to my clients. As a client of mine you'll get a person that will work tirelessly to get your design right. I will listen to you, your thoughts and ideas and offer up solutions that work for you, your business and your ethos. What you think is very important to me and I’ll work with you to get exactly what you want. Sometimes clients don’t know exactly what they want, that’s okay too! Together, with me asking you the right questions, we will come up with a plan for your design. I love getting things right! Like LOVE it. So rest assured, I REALLY won’t be happy unless you are happy. I am Autistic and use my strengths to help my work:

Precise attention to detail

Clear and concise text communication

Ability to SuperFocus on a project

Passionate personality

So here’s a little bit about me as a person, what I stand for, what I love and enjoy. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I love musicals, and Hamilton is my all time favourite! I do love a good gadget and techie stuff - I’ve been my families go to Tech Support for years! Speaking of family, I love mine, they are everything. Included, is my incredibly accepting Wife Beca and our boy Zeus - dogs are the best. I’m a big advocate for diversity - being in a few minority groups myself, I love to be inclusive and to always try to see people as people. I love to glue myself to my monitor for hours and hours, and then I enjoy my chill time. I love humour and making people laugh. And finally one of my absolute favourite things to do is listen to my little sister sing, she is incredible and it fills my heart.

I have the best clients, here are some of the things they have said about me that made me smile! 


"Avery was a complete joy to work with".


My clients are very important to me, that's why I promise that ADH Web Design will always:

Pinky Promise-3.png


I’ll always give my honest opinion and feedback, you can trust in what I say. My pricing is transparent on purpose, I’ll only ever charge for the work I’ve done. Loyalty is important to me, I am loyal to my clients. 

Pinky Promise-3.png


When working with ADH, you get me; an individual. I take inspiration from lots of places, but my work comes from me and is never copied. I’ll embrace your uniqueness and help you to naturally express your ideas.

Pinky Promise-3.png


ADH respects people as people. I will never judge anyone by race, gender, sexuality, religion or disability. I’ll always listen to you and involve you as much as YOU WANT. I love that you are unique, I will help you to showcase this to your customers. 

Pinky Promise-3.png

Keep things SIMPLE

I strive to ensure your experience with me is as easy as possible. I’ll keep communication simple, effective and throw jargon out of the window! I’ll remove the complications and use simple solutions. My designs will always be simple, yet functional with a little ADH flavour thrown in! 

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