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 about me.

Avery Dodd-Howard Freelance Web Designer at ADH Web Design



So I should start by telling you a bit about myself and my business. I started my Web Design business in May 2019 and I’ve never enjoyed a job so much.


I come from a Tech & Training background and did very well in the Telecommunications industry. I had some struggles with mental health and later found out I’m Autistic and have OCD - this has changed my life as I’m now learning to accept who I am, how I interact with the world and why I see things different to most people. This was a game changer for me, and I’m lucky to have found a passion for a job that uses my quirks in such a positive way. My need for precise attention to detail and out of the box thinking, works perfectly when designing websites. 


My clients are very important to me, that's why I promise that ADH Web Design will always:

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I’ll always give my honest opinion and feedback, you can trust in what I say. My pricing is transparent on purpose, I’ll only ever charge for the work I’ve done. Loyalty is important to me, I am loyal to my clients. 

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When working with ADH, you get me; an individual. I take inspiration from lots of places, but my work comes from me and is never copied. I’ll embrace your uniqueness and help you to naturally express your ideas.

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ADH respects people as people. I will never judge anyone by race, gender, sexuality, religion or disability. I’ll always listen to you and involve you as much as YOU WANT. I love that you are unique, I will help you to showcase this to your customers. 

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Keep things SIMPLE

I strive to ensure your experience with me is as easy as possible. I’ll keep communication simple, effective and throw jargon out of the window! I’ll remove the complications and use simple solutions. My designs will always be simple, yet functional with a little ADH flavour thrown in! 

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